Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LARRY....the result of my semi-sober brain....

LARRY...... Well, Larry is extra special. It is a slightly twisted tale of how he came about and who actually inspired the name for him - none of which I can go into detail here. If you really want to know, you should have been at the Back Eddy this past Saturday night sitting at the table with my brother Ken and I. Needless to say, after a few double scotch and a bottle and a half of wine, Ken and I came to the conclusion that we're going to hell. We will be taking Larry with us....
All joking aside, Larry was created for my brother and will hang out with King Ken, Gumby & Pokey and mother's duck (I know, yet another entertaining story) on his desk at work. Larry hails from Wetwang in the UK (look it up...it's there) and used to live at home with his mother and 4 sisters. He recently had a brain transplant and only functions on one lung - perhaps Larry is not long for this world... However folks, until his untimely demise, he is now the very proud Sock Monster of Ken's Desk. 

Sister's note - the above commentary is an opinion only and does not in any way, shape or form have the slightest amount of truth to it. My brother and I are perfect and don't go to bars...ever...seriously...not even kidding...stop laughing. 


  1. I've seen that face before..............I just know it.................

    Ahhhhhhh haaaaaa! I remember! A distant relative maybe?
    The summer of 87'. July 12th, 4:30-am, at "the beach". Sprawled out beside some wrinkly ole dinosaur nylons! No shame back then! No Shame!

  2. Carrie (who you haven't met) and I both think the disturbing ones like Larry are great.

    Then again, we are fond of disturbing sorts of things.