Saturday, September 3, 2011


HEIDI & FRANCO: Born - September 1st & 2nd. These two lovely Sock Monkeys are made in honor of my two friends, Heidi and Franco, who were kind enough to let me crash at their house while I was in Ft. Smith this past August.
Like their human namesakes, this happy Sock Monkey couple co-habitate in an eclectic house of colours, rooms and history. Every morning there is freshly ground coffee perking in the Italian Espresso maker and the smell of "bacon" smokies and pancakes in the air....yum! Aside from the great coffee and food, you'll be in awe of the computer technology and aircraft throughout the house - not to mention the various art selections which grace every possible wall space, nook & cranny. Franco and Heidi are a wonderful couple of Sock Monkeys and fabulous hosts!
So....have I earned a spot at the house for next years Festival???

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