Saturday, September 24, 2011


ZIG & ZAG: Born - September 23rd & 24th. These two Sock Monkeys are identical right down to the stuffing.Given to me by my good friend and co-worker/boss lady, I decided they should have a story line relatively close to the Brenda & Jessica story line that follows us when we travel for work. So, without further delay, here is their story.
Zig is taller (in her mind) while Zag is smaller. Zag can be a little "short" tempered and Zig loses her breath from the higher altitude. While Zag loves to drive, Zig attempts to throw gum out the car window and inevitably rolls the window up on her thumb...
Once in awhile Zag joins in the somewhat "absentmindedness" (for lack of a better word) and will be wondering why the Ipod is not working in the vehicles stereo, at which point, after many cuss words and freakin' hours of frustration, they both look down and realize they had the wrong plug in... 
Zig and Zag tend to arrive late in town and head to the local theatre where they eat their nutritious supper of hot dogs, popcorn and slurpies. Maybe they'll catch a movie or perhaps they'll just load up on extreme buttered popcorn and stay in for the night. Their day is all about shopping and make no mistake, these two can shop. Up at the crack of dawn (that lines just funny no matter how many times I say it) and done when the last store closes at 10pm. Sounds fun but it's exhausting.
After the many hours of shopping or attending workshops or running conferences, these two Sock Monkeys find their way home - be it by ground or air - and collapse exhausted in their homes ready for a good nights sleep.
Author's note: Due to the subject matter of some of the crap that happens to Brenda and I on the road, I could only let you in on a small part of it. HOWEVER, once I have all our "adventures" logged, you can expect a book - it will have stick figures and maybe some pop-ups BUT, rest assured it will be....ummmm...entertaining.

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  1. I'd like to reserve an autographed copy of the up coming book please!!