Wednesday, September 14, 2011


STAR: Born - September 9th. Star was in a horrible hand mixer accident when she was 3. It started out innocently enough. She sat on the counter while her human made buttercream icing. When Star had a moment alone with the mixer, she grabbed ahold and turned the beaters on....full blast. Star hung on for dear life but was whipped around the room (as the beater stayed plugged in) and smashed the bowl on the ceramic floor. When the human finally came back and turned the beater off, there was buttercream icing from one end of the kitchen to the other - not too mention a beat up Sock Monkey lying in the midst of it all. This might have been a nightmare to clean up however, Star just invited the other 200 monkeys and clean up was done in 3 minutes. Mmmmmmm... buttercream icing...
SPORT: Born - September 10th. Sport is involved in just about every sport imaginable. He is very fit and a bit of a health nut. So when the opportunity came for him to help in the above buttercream incident, he jumped at it. Literally. He jumped around and cleaned the most buttercream icing out of all 200 monkeys. While that was good for other monkeys, it was not so good for Sport. He spent the next two days in bed with a tummy ache. 
 Sometimes it doesn't pay to be so fast....right Sport?
FLOWER: Born - September 11th. Flower was created in memory of the Flowers that were planted at Ground Zero. Today is a day we should all take stock of our blessings and thank God for our lives. Thank you Flower for reminding me to do that.

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