Monday, September 5, 2011


REXI: Born - September 3rd. Rexi has a phobia. I know we have mentioned phobias before AND phobias are quite serious - not to be messed around with...ever. Rexi's phobia is fairly rare but does exist. It is "arachibutyrophobia" which as we all know, is the fear of "peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth." Now, I am not sure how Rexi acquired this phobia HOWEVER, I do know that peanut butter and banana sandwiches are not a good snack to put in front of him when he's over for a visit. We're still scraping bits of the sandwiches off the wall... Fricken phobias...
RYAN: Born - September 4th. Ryan will only brush his teeth on the days of the week with an 'r' in it. No one has figured out why but we have some theories. One theory is that he likes the letter R, therefore only brushing on R letter days. Another theory is that he brushes for his hot dates on the weekend, the rest of the week can go to the dogs. My theory is that he's a Sock Monkey and he doesn't have any teeth therefore rendering this entire bio useless! Come on people!
OWEN: Born - September 5th. Owen just happens to be born on the same day as my very good and most awesome friend Bev. Like Bev, Owen is unbelievably smart, incredibly capable in all areas of handiness, beautiful inside and out and can change your kitchen drawers around in a matter of minutes while you've gone to the bathroom.... Oh yeah, and like Bev, Owen can also feed you licorice and banana shooters and Highlander Grogg espressos. This is one gifted woman, oops! I mean Sock Monkey.
Author's note: Bev -  you are the sunshine to my cloudy day! I love you tons and wish nothing but the most amazing year ahead for you. May all you days be filled with "many magnificent memory making moments" - try saying that five times real fast...

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  1. Thank you so much Jessica. I am the one that is so blessed to have you and your family in my life.
    I think saying "many magnificent memory making moments" five time really fast is oober easy, especially after eight licorice/banana shooters. Mind you, no one else understood but it sure sounded clear in my head! Well, that and all the other little voices........