Thursday, September 8, 2011


DONNY: Born - September 6th. Donny lives in a small garbage can that was once the home of Oscar the Grouch. Though Oscar outgrew this can before he became a star on Sesame Street, Donny likes to let people think otherwise. He once had a few Sock Monkeys convinced he was just "garbage can sitting" while Oscar was away and sold them an old smelly mitt claiming it belonged to Oscar. Donny was always a bit crafty...
TINA: Born - September 7th. Tina was the inspiration behind the ABBA song "Nina, Pretty Ballerina". You see, Tina is a dancer (of sorts) and happened to be dancing one night at the Monkey Tale Bar when the group ABBA walked in. They were all so taken with her dancing they sat down right there and wrote the song. So why is it "Nina" not "Tina"? The music was so loud that night that when the group asked the name of the dancer all they heard was "ina". They took a vote and came up with Nina.... And no, Tina doesn't get any royalties.
CHRIS: Born - September 8th. Chris is an amateur magician. He has started to get good with card tricks and is working on pulling coins out from behind your ears. When he first started, he wanted to jump in and do the magic hat trick and pull out a bunny. Unfortunately, unless you've been practicing for awhile, pulling out a bunny just doesn't happen on the first try. Chris almost lost his arm when he reached in, botched his magic words and pulled out a Tiger Shark. I won't even get into the story of him trying to saw another monkey in half - I've tried to erase that from my mind. Stick to cards Chris...

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