Sunday, September 18, 2011


CHARLOTTE & SANDERSON: Born - September 17th & 18th respectively. So Charlotte and Sanderson are not a couple and not related. They just happen to be two very good friends who connected over their passion for their jobs. Both these amazing Sock Monkeys are "Gumbusters".
There you are, on a lovely night out with your better half, sitting at a fancy restaurant and your knee accidentally bumps the underside of your table. You pull your knee away but wait....there's something stuck to it. GUM!! Or, you and your date are in the very last row at the theatre, holding hands, getting ready to share popcorn and enjoy a movie, when you shift in your chair and realize....there's something stuck to your butt. GUM!! Or, you're on public transit and you bend down to pick up the book you have just dropped and your hair touches the back of the chair in front of you and BAM! Fricken GUM!! We've all been there and it isn't pleasant.
Here's where Charlotte and Sanderson come in. They are the ones who go around and remove gum from all these hidden places - hence, Gumbusters. The world is alot less "gummier" with these two around. Thank you Charlotte and Sanderson for working diligently at your job. We humans appreciate it!
Author's note: We humans would appreciate it a ton more if stupid humans would NOT put there GUM in places it doesn't belong. Just saying...

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