Friday, September 16, 2011


BROOKE: Born - September 14th. So..... deciding on a name. Sometimes you just look at a pair of socks and you have it - other times the design on the sock gives it away. Well, THIS pair of socks was chosen by my good friends daughter and we looked at the socks and thought of "Ducky". However, as I was cutting up the socks, my son pointed out they were chicks, not ducks. Was I going to name it "Chicky"? I think not. Therefore, I did the only rational thing I could do and named this Sock Monkey for the young lady she will belong to. Hope you like her Brooke!
JUNCTION: Born - September 15th. Junction is a Vacuum sales Monkey. He goes from house to house and does his very best to sell you vacuums. I'd like to point out that most vacuums are 10 times his size and 50 times his weight which can cause problems when you're demonstrating your product. Needless to say, Junction leaves your house owing you a free vacuum after he's destroyed your living room as he can't control the vacuum. He will never get rich at this but, it is rather entertaining...
OSLUND: Born - September 16th. Oslund has long legs (just in case you didn't notice). They are great for when he needs to find other Sock Monkeys in a hurry. He can tower over the troop and find anyone within seconds. Though he's not the tallest Sock Monkey out there, he is just smart about how he uses his height to further his purposes. He owns stilts, platform shoes (vintage 1973) and a pogo stick. I won't go into detail but, all his props are either an asset or a weapon, especially the pogo stick....but that's another story.
Author's note: I would like to point out to you the buttons used for Brooke's eyes. They are either ceramic or porcelain and hand painted with a tiny "bamboo" pattern. Thanks Bev for sharing these special and really cool buttons - they worked well with the Sock Monkey. 

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