Wednesday, September 28, 2011


SASHA: Born - September 28th. Sasha eats green pea soup for every meal. You'd think with that much green pea soup in her, she'd be green. Well, she's clearly not green. Not only does she eat green pea soup all the time but,she doesn't eat any normal sock monkey food such as; bananas, banana daiquiris, lice, fruits, vegetables etc....ever. How does she stay healthy AND eat the same thing day in and day out and never get sick of it?? Sasha is a weird little sock monkey....
POLLY: Born - September 29th. Polly doesn't like me very much. I really haven't any idea why. I sing to her every day "Polly Wolly doodle all day" , and ask her if "Polly wants a cracker".  I also tell her facts like; the name Polly has not made the "top 1000 names" list since 1977 OR, Polly is a variant of Mary/Molly so there is no origin to the name Polly. I'm just stating the facts folks, why doesn't she like me? I don't get it.
BLUE: Born - September 30th. Blue has amazing blue eyes, that's why he's called Blue. If you look at him, he's kind of a boring colored sock monkey - you know, just khaki and beige stripes, nothing exciting...just fortunate to have those blue eyes. Blue also only sees things in different shades of blue.From the branches on the trees to the banana he shoves in his mouth at dinner, everything is blue! How cool is that?

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