Wednesday, May 25, 2011


SISCO: Born - May 22nd. Sisco has one of the scariest jobs for a Sock Monkey. He's the guy that feeds the mice to the big snakes at the Zoo. Firstly, not only does he befriend the mice, he's also not much larger than some of the mice that get thrown to the snakes. Secondly, after befriending some of the mice, do you have any idea how hard it is to say "Oh well, sucks to be you" when you know what their future holds? AND, last but not least, sometimes the mice hang on to Sisco and almost drag him in with them - not a pretty sight... Yup, Sisco has it rough.
VICTORIA: Born May 23rd. Would you look at that. Victoria Day happens to fall on Victoria's birthday this year. That wasn't planned at all!! I amaze myself.... ANYWAY, back to Victoria. She's just a rockin' little monkey, sporting some funky colors and has a cool attitude towards everything. Sometimes when other Sock Monkeys are having a bad day, Victoria is right there ready to cheer them up, whether they want it or not. Some days Victoria is close to being thrown in the snake cage....  
RAMSEY: Born - May 24th. Ramsey has a little something know as "Lutraphobia". Believe it or not, this is the "fear of Otters." Now, you may ask yourself "Who is scared of otters and where in the heck does Jessica come up with this stuff???" Okay, you may not ask all that but really, who's scared of otters? They're soooooo cute and funny. Wouldn't you want one for your pet? I would - just to torture Ramsey of course!

Author's note: I don't torture my sock monkeys....not kidding, I love them...really...

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