Monday, May 30, 2011


CREAM SODA & GRAPE SODA:  Born - May 27th & 28th respectively. These two lovely monkeys are made from knee high fuzzy socks and I gotta say, they were almost the easiest socks to work with! Absolutely loved the colors and before they were built into monkeys, I had their names already chosen. How could they not be Cream Soda and Grape Soda?? Speaking of which, are they any good? I am not a pop drinker BUT, I understand there's is a crazy poll of some sort out there about which one is better. Perhaps I shall try one of each and then state my opinion - we all know you want to hear my opinion on this.....

Author's note: Well, that was disgusting and disappointing. Seriously folks, how you can drink that crap I'll never understand. Think I'll stick to my coffee and wine..... And that girls and boys, is my most humble opinion.

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