Friday, May 13, 2011


JENNICA: Born - May 11th. Jennica is a monkey tattoo artist. All the sock monkeys go to her if they want a tattoo as Jennica is an amazing artist. Seriously, her stick monkey's are amazing! She has perfected her design - only one - and will gladly tattoo it anywhere on a sock monkeys body. So, if you're into sock monkeys and would like a stick sock monkey tattoo, you know who to call. You can check out her design on and decide for yourself if it's something you can live with forever.
ANTONIO: Born - May 12th. Antonio is from Venezuela. He somehow got stuck in a crate full of bananas and ended up here in the north. He was cleverly hiding in a bunch of bananas I bought at the Northern Store. First I thought it was an extremely large spider - which I was about to smash with a hammer - but WHOA! There was Antonio looking all sweet and pathetic so I decided to keep him. We sent word home to his folks that he's alright. Watch out though, his folks may be hiding in your next bunch of bananas.....
CLAIRE: Born - May 13th. Claire recently came back from a 12 Step Program dealing with her phobia which is: Genuphobia, the fear of knees. Thus far, Claire has managed to bend at the knees a few times without letting out a scream AND, she can sing "head & shoulders, knees & toes" without going into fits of terror. We are very proud of her and have been encouraging her to continue this brave step of conquering her fears. Way to go Claire!!!

Author's note: Okay, the website only went to Google and when googled, it will take you to a site called "Stinky Monkey Tattoos". This of course offended the 133 sock monkeys I have already made that hang out in my room, as we all know, there's NO SUCH THING as a STINKY monkey... Now, as far as smashing a spider with a hammer goes, it was just to spice up the bio. Anyone who knows me will attest to me being a bug lover and picking up critters and then sending them on their way. Further more, Genuphobia IS real and we should never make fun of phobias.....ever....

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