Monday, May 9, 2011


LIL' JAKE: Born - May 9th. Lil' Jake is another member of the "Little" family. He is the tallest of his brothers and loves to tease them about it. Lil'Jake has an obsession with hair care products though and LOVES to walk up and down the aisles at the local Drug Store and smell all the shampoos. Once in awhile, if he recognizes a scent, he will attach himself to your hair and not let go until he's had his smelling fix of your shampoo. Always try to go with an unscented product. Trying to pry a sock monkey out of your hair can be rather painful and end up in hair loss.... Balding women everywhere - not a great sight....
LIL' JIMMY: Born - May 10th. Lil' Jimmy is the youngest of his siblings and as the pecking order goes in most families, was picked on quite a bit by his brothers. Though he likes to think he came out of it with no emotional scars, there are those odd moments when he zones out and has a quirky smile on his face. You'd swear he was planning something and acting it out in his brain.... Revenge is NEVER the answer (but it sure feels good thinking about it....).

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