Monday, May 23, 2011


FLOSSIE & FREDDIE: Born - May 20th & 21st respectively. These two adorable characters consider themselves the Sock Monkey version of the "Bobbsey Twins" who were one set of fraternal twins in the aforementioned family. These two monkeys enjoyed reading the Bobbsey Twin series so much, they have collected all 72 of the original series (started in 1904 and ending in 1979) as well as many bits of paraphernalia revolving around these books. If you're unfamiliar with these stories, they started out as adventures the two sets of twins would get into and eventually became small crime/mystery stories. They only changed to that venue when "Nancy Drew" and "The Hardey Boys" started to become quite popular. None the less, Flossie and Freddie remain loyal to their precious Bobbsey Twins and if you get the chance, you can ask them anything about the series and they have all the answers.

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