Friday, May 6, 2011


CAPTAIN KA-POW:  Born - May 6th. Captain Ka-Pow is NOT what you think he may be, you know, some kind of Super Hero. He is NOT able to leap buildings in a single bound and shoot webbing from his wrists. He doesn't drive cool cars and have a sidekick named Robin NOR does he change colour and grow into a hulking huge monkey. As a matter of fact, Captain Ka-pow is just a name. Get over your comic book fascinations people and come back to reality! He's JUST a sock monkey!! Well.....maybe he can peel a banana in under 2 seconds and climbs trees faster than a speeding bullet....
HUMPHREY: Born - May 7th. Humphrey is kind of a grumpy Sock Monkey (I think that's a give away in his name). He really reminds me of Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon in the movie "Grumpy Old Men". As a young sock monkey he never really played well with others and kept to himself most of the time. No one has ever really tried to figure out why he's so grumpy and when I asked, I was snorted at and Humphrey walked away. I think he should see a Sock Monkey Shrink. Can anyone suggest someone? Come on - I'm sure you've all had your share of shrinks in your lifetime...don't be shy. Call me.
L'TICIA:  Born - May 8th. L'Ticia is my Mother's Day Sock Monkey this year. What a perfect choice for a Mother's Day representative. She has had 27 babies and never seems to lose control with them. She is patient, kind, gentle, loving and would do anything to protect her young. L'Ticia is one of those mother's you envy and only wish you could be half as good as her. I mean, how does one live with 27 kids and never lose it??? This Sock Monkey deserves a medal - and I will give it to her as soon as she leaves the Mental Institution she resides at.....

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