Monday, May 30, 2011


DEMETRIE: Born - May 29th. Demetrie is a "Frosted Flakes Complaints Department Telephone Operator." He is the only one. He rarely receives phone calls as no one complains about Frosted Flakes 'as they're too high on the sugar rush. HOWEVER, I called one day just for fun and complained to Demetrie. About half an hour later I was cornered in a dark alley by a group of telephone operator Monkeys and beaten with a Frosted Flakes box of cereal. Note to self - don't complain to Demetrie....
McDUFF: Born - May 30th. McDuff hails from Dumfriesshire, Scotland. No, he's not a dum-frie, just a dum monkey. Ha, ha, ha!!! That was freakin' funny!! Okay, okay. Sorry McDuff. ANYWAY, McDuff is actually quite intelligent. He is currently building miniature rocket ships to send Rosco's mice into space one day. We're all rather sceptical but, stranger things have happened.
VERNON: Born - Vernon is the kind of monkey you really don't want to run into on a busy street. He is one fast little guy and can pick your pockets in seconds. You won't even realize he's got all your stuff until you get home and clean your pockets out and everything is missing. Including that old stick of gum you've been saving for a rainy day. Which, he will chew and probably swallow - cause that's the way he rolls.

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