Monday, May 16, 2011


CHEQ-Z: Born - May 14th. Cheq-z loves to hang out on the washer during the spin cycle. He will hang on for dear life as the washer rattles through the cycle and won't let go for anything. I remember him flying through the air once when he lost his grip and the washer was a little over loaded causing the spin cycle to be extra crazy!! Good ole Cheq-z landed on his head, shook it off, jumped back on the washer and went for another ride! His head wound wasn't too severe and the concussion went away after the second spin cycle....
SHAKESPEARE: Born - May 16th. NO, Shakespeare is NOT some kind of freakish monkey scholar type. As a matter of fact, he flunked out of every English class known to mankind. So what is his claim to fame and why the name Shakespeare? Well, Shakespeare can recite every Shakespeare sonet backwards AND drink a glass of water at the same time. Okay, I'm just kidding - everyone knows Sock Monkeys don't drink water... Anyway, he's a really cool monkey and though he's not great with the English language, he rocks in Jibberish...

Author's note: If you're wondering why the 15th is missing from the above bio's, check out "HOOTIE" on this blog and you'll figure it out!!

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