Friday, May 20, 2011


DOUGIE: Born - May 17th. Dougie is addicted to coffee. He can drink upwards of three pots by noon. He special orders his coffee in from Canterbury and only drinks the Espresso or Dark Roast. When they arrive, Dougie has this insane little dance he does which only gets better with the more coffee he drinks. Only beans. Dougie LOVES to freshly grind his coffee and mixes his own blend with a touch of Highlander Grogg or Vanilla. I absolutely LOVE having coffee with Dougie - a monkey after my own heart....
ALLEGRA: Born - May 18th. Allegra was an extra in the second "Iron Man" movie. You may have seen her at the beginning when the big Expo is on and the crowd is going a little wild. She's the monkey hanging from the TV camera you catch a glimpse of at the edge of the stage. Though Allegra enjoyed being in the movie, she was a little disappointed she didn't get to meet Robert Downey Jr.  She did get a small look at his backside when he was leaving the backstage area though. According to Allegra, he has a sweet backside.....just saying.
FRANNY: Born - May 19th. Franny hails from Ft. Smith and lives in a cabin on a quiet pond just outside of town. Franny used to own two pugs who would faithfully drool on her lap and cause problems with her stuffing. She eventually had to invent a plastic bib that was large enough to cover her entire body AND have pockets to hold treats for the pugs. This was all fine and dandy until the pugs got carried away and shredded the plastic body apron, swallowed pieces and barfed it up on Franny. Thus starting the whole process of messed up stuffing again....

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