Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My beautiful model for May, Liam!

Liam having a taste of Claire's tail.

And yet again.... another month of Sock Monkeys! I really want to thank Paula for letting her son Liam be my "May Model". He did a wonderful job and all the pictures were fabulous. I'd also like to thank all my sock monkey's for being so patient and letting Liam pull, tug, throw, chew and just generally manhandle them while he was hanging out with them.

This month was extra special as I made my first official donation and am truly pleased that 90 Sock Monkeys will find new homes to those who truly need them. Thank you April Glaicar for making that possible.

Thank you to my faithful readers and those who continually drop socks off to me! You all rock!!


  1. Your model is probably the cutest in the world. But I may be a biased aunty! Your monkeys are looking fantastic. Mine is a constant companion!

  2. I wish I had even the creativity you have in your pinky finger. Incredible!! Liam is just Paula's little mini-me! Incredibly cute!