Monday, October 3, 2011


ELLEN: Born - October 1st. Ellen got caught in an ant hill and now has ants permanently stuck to her body. Actually, according to Ellen, while she was in the ant hill, she had tea with their Queen. They dined on other insects and bread crumbs the worker ants had scavenged. The Queen took a liking to Ellen (as most people do) and released her unharmed. They drew a mural of ants on her body so she'd always remember her time in the ant hill and how close to death she was. Good thing Ellen's a comedian or she'd be ant food right now.
TED: Born - October 2nd. So, all I could think of was a surfer dude I once knew named "Ted" when I bought these socks. The design on them is palm trees and surf boards, therefore, they've always been named Ted in my mind. I only met Ted once at a conference I was at. He was one of the speakers and told a story about his previous life as a surfer. I like to think that Ted the Sock Monkey is STILL a surfer and rides the Great Slave Lake waves on a windy day. When he's done, he pins himself up on driftwood to dry out in the wind. Pretty cool if you ask me.
DAVE: Born - October 3rd. Dave is a Libra and true to his sign. He's a slight perfectionist, charitable and has an uncanny attention to detail. He loves intellectual conversations and credit cards (could be his...or yours...). Don't ever pressure him into decisions or rush him out the door...Dave does not respond well to confusion. On the bright side though, he's all about seeking balance and fairness in any situation, a natural negotiator. We love our fair-minded Dave.

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