Monday, October 17, 2011


SIR EVERMORE GREYSOCK: Born - October 14th. He wasn't always Sir Evermore Greysock. His real name is Jerry. The story is a little twisted BUT, if you stay with me to the end of it, you'll understand the new name.
Jerry had a problem. Every time he tried to turn left, he would go right. This wasn't too difficult to work around and eventually Jerry would figure out creative ways to get from point A to point B. One day, Jerry was daydreaming and ended up in a bar - the Monkey Tail Bar to be precise. He decided to have a Banana and licorice shooter to waste some time while he figured out how he was going to get to point B. You know how it goes. One shooter turns into two, turns into three and before you know it, you've fallen into a vat of grey dye. Okay, maybe not everyone has experienced that but, this is how Jerry became grey. He was solid red before. He managed to keep some of his body parts out of the dye but as you can clearly see, he's not a great swimmer. Jerry was so embarrassed and was the laughing stock of the Sock Monkey kingdom for a very long time. Whenever he went out, people shouted "hey Greysock!' or "hey not red" or "look at the ever grey monkey" or "hey dumb ass"...ooops...sorry...not sure where that came from....
ANYWAY, his name became "Sir Evermore Greysock" and now no one (including Jerry) remembers his real name. True story.
Author's note: Sir Evermore Greysock still struggles with the whole right/left thing HOWEVER, he doesn't day dream anymore.

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