Saturday, October 29, 2011


ADELE: Born - October 26th. Adele just happens to be born on the most wonderful day of the year, my birthday! She is smart, kind, creative, funny, musical, sport minded, sometimes shy, maybe a little quick to anger, usually smiling, often busy, rarely bored, loves coffee, loves life and if you happen to be her friend, she is loyal to the end. Adele is a very cool Sock Monkey and there should be more people - I mean Sock Monkeys like her in the world.
VANCE: Born - October 27th. Vance missed out on being born on the most important day of the year by one day. Poor Vance. He is grumpy, not very kind, can't laugh, really doesn't have much of a mind for anything, always bored, whiny, hates coffee and all things purple. However, Vance just needs a little love and understanding and he'll come around. I've seen his soft side and when it's there, he's rather sweet. Come on Vance, let the love shine through!

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  1. Adele is a sock monkey hero!!!! One that can be admired.