Monday, October 17, 2011


BINKY: Born - October 15th. Binky is a small business owner and sells bottles of dust bunnies to scientific research labs all across Canada. She sneaks into our homes and quietly collects the unsuspecting dust bunnies. Don't look now, but that's probably her under your couch collecting her specimen. What? YOU don't have dust bunnies? That's like saying you don't have a functioning brain. I talking to a guy? Hmmmmmm... bad comparison. Anyway, Binky makes a ton of money selling these dust bunnies and since they're just dust, they don't seem to mind.
SETTA: Born - October 16th. Setta rhymes with Jetta which is a fancy car. Setta is NOT a car. Setta is a Sock Monkey. Glad we cleared this up.

Author's note: Hey, I was TOTALLY kidding about the whole "guy" thing and "non-functioning brain" thing. Really.

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