Tuesday, October 11, 2011


TYRONE: Born - October 9th. Tyrone is a boxer. Not just an ordinary boxer, but one who also boxes with his tail. Sometimes this can be difficult as the shorts they give him don't have holes for his tail however, he has since worked that kink out. He wears his boxer shorts backwards so his tail can hang out as needed...Anyway, he is World Champion 3 times over in the ISMBL (International Sock Monkey Boxing League) and will be going for his fourth title next month. We're all rooting for Tyrone (otherwise he'll kick our asses..).
FAMILIA: Born - October 10th. What kind of a name is Familia you may ask? It is Spanish for "Family" and as today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada, I wanted to honor that with a Sock Monkey named for what I am most thankful for. Not just my relations, but all my friends whom I have considered family over the years and who sometimes stick by me more than my related family does... AND of course, my Sock Monkey family!! You have kept me sane and saved my life more times than I can count. I love my FAMILIA!!!
ALEJANDRO: Born - October 11th. So, in case you didn't know, Alejandro happens to be my husbands name as well. It is also our 14th wedding anniversary today - well, we've been together 17 years but legally 14 - but I digress. This man is the love of my life... okay, I'm pushing it a bit here... Actually, he truly is my soul mate and it has taken us 17 years, 3 kids, some ups and downs, thrown in with a few "in-law" issues, sibling squabbles, numerous cats & dogs not to mention broken vehicles, falling apart house, tripping over sock monkey parts and all the other joys that come with marriage (I'm sure you all know them),  for us to be as happy and content as we are. So, in honor of my incredible husband, I give you Alejandro, the Sock Monkey.

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  1. Alejandro is EXACTLY as I pictured he would be! Patterned, with a splash of color! Go Alejandro!

    Happy Anniversary Jessica and Alex. WOW 14 (17) years! It has been a blessing that our family has been able to share so many moments with your family. Just one more thing that we give Thanks for :)