Sunday, October 30, 2011


CEDRICK: Born - October 28th. Cedrick has decided to start collecting his toenail clippings and make works of art out of them. While he hasn't figured out what kind of art, he is strongly leaning toward sculpting. Picture it. A sculpture made entirely of toe nails. AWESOME!! I wonder what he'll sculpt? Maybe a car or a person clipping his toe nails. Can't wait to check out his first exhibit.
PETRA: Born - October 29th. Petra likes to pet things. Mostly animals. She will spend hours at a petting zoo or pet store. One time, she was so occupied petting the guinea pigs that she didn't notice the pet store closing. Someone forgot to do the rounds and make sure everyone was out and Petra had to overnight with all the animals. Did you know that they can talk when humans aren't around?? At least that's what Petra said. She had an intense conversation with a goldfish about scurvy. I know...odd. Anyway, Petra is a petting fool!
DIRK: Born - October 30th. Dirk is a wonderful little poet who will soon have a book of poetry published. Here's a sample:
      There once was a sock monkey named Fred
      Who wore underwear upon his head
      His friends laughed so hard
      That they woke the jail guard
      And now they all live in a shed.
So, mostly it doesn't make sense BUT, it all rhymes. Here's another:
      Roses are stinky
      Violets smell too
      Sugar is fattening
      And so is pooh!
That one may not be published.  Keep at it Dirk!

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