Friday, April 22, 2011


OSBORNE: Born - April 20th. Osborne has a HUGE crush on Kelly Osbourne - that's right, Ozzy's daughter. He would love nothing more than to snuggle up to her and hang out while she travels the world. Osborne hopes one day to meet her parents and have a lovely dinner while they banter back and forth about Ozzy's crazy party days. Keep dreaming Osborne, you never know which ones will come true!
VALERIE: Born - April 21st. Valerie is an on-line "window" shopper. She can sit for hours in front of a computer and find you deals in every possible department. Shoes, clothes, furniture, vehicles, fixtures, houses, appliances even major organs (if you're in the market for one or two...). Valerie is the number one "go-to-girl" when you need something fast and cheap - or at least reasonably priced, we all know organs aren't cheap...
ACRE: Born - April 22nd. Acre is named for an acre. How odd is that you may say, however, if you look closely at Acre, you see that this sock monkey is sectioned off into neat little sections. Now, if you were flying over the prairies and happened to look out your window at all the sections, acres and quarters, then you wouldn't be too confused as to why Acre is called Acre. It's also a cool word - A-ker - just say it slowly - A-ker - awesome!

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