Sunday, April 3, 2011


STAR BURST: Born - April 1st. Star Burst was blown out of a canon at a very young age and this is how she received her name. As she flew out of the canon, she hit one of the star decorations that promptly burst into flames, causing the outfit she was wearing to catch on fire. Fortunately for Star Burst, she had the good sense to "stop, drop and roll" putting out the flame and saving the entire stadium from burning down. Star Burst did lose all her hair though, and to this day won't go near canons, star decorations or hairdressers....
QUINN: Born - April 2nd. Quinn is a distant cousin to all the "Little's" you have already met. His greatest wish in life is to learn how to walk on stilts. After many attempts, he has not been able to master this art form. Though he can stand on 7 foot stilts, the moment he starts to move, he inevitably falls. To date Quinn has broken just about every bone in his body (not to mention a few other sock monkeys bones he's landed on...)but, still continues his quest for stilt walking.
GILMORE: Born - April 3rd. Gilmore lives in a hut by the beach, drinking pina coladas and doing the Hula for anyone who pays a visit. Gilmore has never taken Hula lessons and the more pina coladas he drinks, the more entertaining his dancing becomes. I encourage everyone to check him out next time you go by his hut - oh yeah, and make sure you ask him to put on the grass skirt.....

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