Tuesday, April 12, 2011


SARGE: Born - April 10th. Sarge comes from a small military camp just outside of Effingham, Illinois. He belonged to the local Captain who lost his eye in a paperclip accident. People say Sarge was involved and actually threw the paperclip that took out the Captain's eye but, Sarge denies ever being there. Today, the Captain lives alone in some abandoned cabin on a lake and Sarge hangs out here with me - away from my paperclip collection....
MAUVE: Born - April 11th. Mauve is named for the color mauve. It's just such a funky name and you don't hear it very often, not to mention, a really cool color. Mauve loves the color so much that she tried to lobby for the title change of the movie "The Color Purple" to "The Color Mauve". This didn't go over too well and Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover all have restraining orders against Mauve. She can be quite "passionate" about her cause which apparently can lead to biting...
CHARLIE: Born - April 12th. Charlie won the prestigious award for "Best Dressed Sock Monkey of the Year" back in 1998. This just happened to be the year plaid was all the rage - everyone who was anyone was wearing it! Plaid shirts, plaid pants, plaid dresses even plaid bras and undies. I think Charlie regrets his choice of being plaid now as the trend did end. Fear not though, as all trends do, it will come back "in" at some point and perhaps Charlie will win the award again.

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