Friday, April 15, 2011


PINKIE:  Born - April 13th. Pinkie is a "Happy Days" fan. She has posters of the Fonz all over her walls and ceilings. Her favourite episodes are the ones in Season 4 when Pinky Tuscadero is introduced as the Fonz's love interest. Pinkies favourite part is when the Fonz proposes to Pinky after she's been hit (in a demolition derby) and is in the hospital recovering. Pinkie will pop that episode in and watch it over and over again for hours. Every time the Fonz and Pinky part ways, Pinkie - the sock monkey - will cry for hours. Time to get over it Pinkie....
EDWARD: Born - April 14th. Edward is always trying to fly. Seriously. He has the cape, the leotards and belt - everything you need to fly. His first attempt landed him in the hospital for weeks (jumping off a cliff with only feathers glued on) and a stern talking to from his mother. After the 12th attempt, I think she gave up.... Edwards attempts are somewhat hilarious but, mostly dangerous. I won't go into detail as I don't want anyone reading this to try his stunts at home - then it's just a law suit waiting to happen. So, take it from me and the Sock Monkey community, MONKEYS DON"T FLY!!!
MARK: Born - April 15th. Mark is a master nose-picker. Master Nose-Picker you ask? Yup....that's what he does. I'm sure you've watched documentaries or been to a zoo where all the apes/monkeys/chimps are picking lice and bugs off each other? Well, Mark just takes it a step further and picks noses. He is very patient and will clean out any goobers hanging around. Mark would be more than happy to take care of your nose (for a small price - like a banana or two) if you find the task too gross. He's always up for nose-picking!


  1. I would love to see Edward in his full Flying Uniform!

  2. Peekaboo LOVES pinkie!! I guess I should try and make one-they are supercute!