Wednesday, August 1, 2012


HUXLEY: Born - August 2012. Today, Huxley went down the riverbank and collected a bouquet of Northern Fireweed, fixed it up beautifully in a vase, put it on my kitchen table with a note that read: "Sorry. Love Huxley".  First thing I did was check my cream status in the fridge as Huxley has a whipping cream addiction. Sure enough, it was all gone. He and I continually fight over the cream as I LOVE it in my coffee - without it, my day can NOT be started. He knows this and when I forget to hide it or lock the fridge at night, I'm screwed.  Huxley is hiding right now but I WILL find him...
LENNIE: Born - August 2012. I think Lennie will one day be a fantastic Narc as he seems to always crack under pressure or if you offer him a free banana split. It didn't take long for me to find out where Huxley was hiding once I started questioning Lennie. You can tell when he's about to give in too, his whole demeanor changes and he slumps and starts rambling about torture (not anything I would ever do to my monkeys...). At this point it's fairly easy to extract information from him. Man, this Sock Monkey knows a lot of crap! I should write a book...
JAMES: Born - August 2012. James would like to one day be a chauffeur. He happened to watch an old movie where a beautiful woman got into a car and said "Home James". Ever since that moment, James has been on a mission to get a drivers license, fancy car and beautiful woman that will say "Home James" every time she climbs in. Well, I guess there have been weirder goals in one's life. Aim high James!

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