Thursday, August 9, 2012


HOLDYN: Born - August 2012. Holdyn (believe it or not) is a master at camouflage. This little guy can blend into any of his surroundings and not be noticed. This of course plays havoc in the Sock Monkey kingdom known as my craft room as he also has the bad habit of jumping out and scaring the crap outta me! His camouflage skills do come in handy though when you need certain information that you can't get through normal channels. Holdyn will hire himself out for a few bananas and a tail rub. Just putting it out there...
GEORGIE: Born - August 2012. Georgie lives with me and sits in my window sill overlooking the craft room. I knew one day I'd come across a pair of socks that would stand out and  be the "ones" that would become MY sock monkey. This is her, "Georgie". She is wonderful and I will keep her for all time. That's all there is to say about Georgie. 

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