Wednesday, August 22, 2012


IVAN: Born - August 2012. Ivan is known as "Ivan the Terrible" in the Sock Monkey circles. Not because he's terrible in a mean sort of way but, because he's terrible at remembering names. You can introduce yourself or a friend to him and within a minute he has forgotten your name and calls you something like "hey, you....whatsitsnuts" or "dude with the hair" or "really tall person". It's so bad sometimes that he forgets to call his mom "mom"....
AUDREY: Born - August 2012. Audrey had a recent nose job and complains bitterly about the new nose. We offered to break her new one for her and let her start again but she hasn't accepted that...yet. I think we might just do it anyway - we're all tired of hearing how the surgeon "butchered" her old nose. Time to do some butchering of our own.
KEATON: Born - August 2012. Keaton recently stepped on a spider and was so worried he would make it rain that he walked around with an umbrella everywhere he went for two weeks. It was kind of sad. You know those cartoons where the character walks around with a constant cloud over his head? Well, that's what it was like - except without the cloud. Keaton avoids all tiny creatures now and lives hanging on to his umbrella at all times.

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