Thursday, August 23, 2012


DENZEL: Born - August 2012.  Denzel just happens to walk rather softly and carry a big gun. Most of the other sock monkeys are afraid of him and keep their distance. Actually, the Sock Monkey Council is trying to figure out a way to get a permanent bell put on Denzel so they can hear him everytime he walks in the room. However, as everyone is afraid of his big gun, no one has volunteered to "bell the monkey". Personally, I think they're being over sensitive and Denzel is actually a sweet, kind and - HOLY CRAP DENZEL!! Stop sneaking up on me and point that damn gun elsewhere!!! I gotta get me a bell.....
BUNBURY: Born - August 2012. Bunbury. Where in the heck I came up with that name I'll never figure out. Sometimes I look at the sock before it's a monkey and name it, sometimes I don't name it until it's finished. Bunbury came to me in a moment of daydreaming about the alien invasion that will happen on December 21st - they will attack with freshly baked buns. And there it was, "Bunbury".
COLLETTE: Born - August 2012. Collette works in collections. She's the one on the other end of the phone threatening you if you don't start paying your bills. Folks, I would take her seriously. She and Denzel go way back and we all know he carries a big gun. The last thing you need is some silent sock monkey sneaking in your house with a gun...
Author's note: I really don't think aliens are going to invade with freshly baked buns, it's more likely they'll attack with eggplant. Hurts more when you get hit by one. AND, Denzel's gun is actually a super soaker from walmart, I'd NEVER let my sockmonkey's near real weapons of mass destruction...honest, I wouldn't.

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