Monday, August 6, 2012


CHARLOTTE & LINK: Born - August 2012.  These happen to be two of my favourite little sock monkeys. Firstly, they never talk back. Secondly, they always do what they're asked without complaining. Thirdly, their little room is always neat and tidy, AND lastly, they NEVER have to be reminded to brush their teeth! Seriously folks, it's the little things in life that make a mother/sock monkey creator happy. Do I need to still be telling you to brush your teeth at 14 and 17 years old??? NO! It should be automatic! Come on, you've been brushing since you had a set of teeth by 18 months old!! Ooops.....I think I was rambling about my two sons and not Charlotte and Link. Still....brush your friggin' teeth.

FI-FI & RINGO: Born - August 2012. This happy couple just recently had their wedding vows re-done in a ceremony on the shores of the Great Slave Lake. It was a rather windy day and everytime Fi-Fi stood a certain way, her dress would shoot up from under her and you saw things that you just aren't supposed to see. As for Ringo, he would try to stand so the wind wouldn't cause an issue but, then his tie would whip around and smack him in the face. By the end of the evening, Fi-Fi's dress was just clear thrown off and Ringo's tie was used as a swing on the chandelier. I must say, that was the most entertaining renewal of vows I've ever been to.

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  1. So, what you are saying is the ONLY issue with the boys is the teeth brushing? OMG you are soooo lucky that they Never talk back, Always do what is asked without complaining, Keep their rooms neat and clean???? Mine, well.....they brush their teeth.