Friday, July 27, 2012



So, why the two photos and no separate bios? Well, just relax and I will tell you why. I just woke up and happened to look outside my window and what did I see??? My '69 Chev pick-up parked at an odd angle, covered in muck and a flat tire on the passenger side. As I looked it over to inspect what else could be wrong, the strong odor of bananas was throughout the cab and upon further investigation, an empty bottle of banana tequila was found under the seat. 
Now I'm not one to assume things so I took the bottle and entered my room where my Sock monkeys live and stood there looking at each one with a rather stern look. It didn't take long for Lewis to crack under my glare and the whole story was soon revealed. 
Seems Mr. Toto got into the tequila and decided they needed more. How do you get more? Well, you drive to the local Sock Monkey bootlegger and buy more. Sussex, Hampton and Pax were also well on their way to having too many and thought it was a marvelous idea. Lewis was freaking and tried to talk them out of it but to no avail. So, Lewis drove (as he was the only semi-sober monkey), Pax navigated (Lord help us), Sussex and Hampton dealt with the gas pedal and brakes (it all makes sense now) while Mt. Toto climbed on top of the cab and did the PeeWee Herman "Tequila" dance while flippin' off everyone they drove past.
Now, how these five Sock monkeys made it there and back without seriously harming someone or themselves AND didn't get stopped by the cops, is a bloody miracle. I'm sure someone out there must have seen the whole sad mess unfold and probably has it posted on You Tube (guess I'm surfing the Web today). In the meantime, these five are cleaning my truck from top to bottom and will be locked in the closet at night. Little bastards...  

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  1. They were safe. I am pretty sure I saw them with an escort. A motorcycle was in the lead clearing the path for them. So no worries Jess. Relax!