Wednesday, August 22, 2012


GREG: Born - August 2012. This is Greg. Greg plays guitar and rather well I might say. Sometimes Greg wakes up with all his clothes on. This is not a bad thing as most musicians would wake up naked and in someone else's house. Greg is tall. Greg wears glasses. Greg has a great smile. Greg hosts awesome jams. Greg fit in with our band. Greg molded well into our groove. Greg is leaving. We hate Greg. 
Author's note: We do NOT hate Greg. We LOVE Greg and are sad to see him go. This was simply my alter-ego having a moment. "He who shall not be named" will be greatly missed. I am not bitter...

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  1. Man!! Dont you just hate it when something or someone reminds you of something or someone? Well this Greg sockmonkey reminds me of someone! AND I CANT PUT MY FINGER ON IT! AAAAUUUURRRGGGG!