Tuesday, September 4, 2012


That's right folks, I'm a little behind in these bio's as I took a small vacation and neglected all my responsibilities to this blog for 11 days. So, without further delay, I give you: Duke Yuki, Churchill & the Earl of Zin - all born in August of 2012.
DUKE YUKI: Duke Yuki lost his eye in a fencing match against an escaped chimpanzee from the circus. It was never meant to be a battle of sorts but, you know how excitable chimpanzees can get. After a minute of horsing around, Duke Yuki was dodging thrusts and running for his life. He made the mistake of turning to see how far the chimp was behind him and BAM! No more eye. No more hanging with escaped chimpanzees either.
CHURCHILL & the EARL OF ZIN: Though Churchill and Zin will deny it, I have it on good authority that they were the ones egging on the chimpanzee and encouraging the above battle. This is a concern as these two have been mixed up in other kerfuffle's and pegged as instigators. Hmmmmm.... Perhaps it's time to put in some hidden cameras for when I'm away. Of course, this could backfire as there are some things one should never see in their lifetime and these Sock Critters can be rather entertaining...Maybe I'll skip the video surveillance and just threaten them with duct tape and "chew toy" options.

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