Tuesday, November 15, 2011


ZELDA: Born - November 12th. Zelda once had a pet chicken who only had one foot and no wings. It lived for quite a long time and used to accompany her everywhere she went. Unfortunately, one day Zelda left the house and forgot to leave the door open so her chicken could follow.  This lead to him destroying the door and his beak as he tried to "peck" his way out. When Zelda returned, all that was left of her beloved chicken was enough to make a small dinner. No more chickens for Zelda.
FABIO: Born - November 13th. Fabio is from the Italian Sock Monkey family and likes to pretend he knows Italian language and culture. He uses a really tacky Italian accent whenever he's trying to pick up chicks and pretends he's some kind of Mafia dude when he's trying to impress the boys. Truthfully though, Fabio is just another Sock Monkey from a box of socks I found at Value Village. He really doesn't have an Italian bone in his body. Actually, he doesn't have any bones in his body, just stuffing. Poor Fabio.
MILFORD: Born - November 14th. Milford is a plumber. He absolutely LOVES to use the "snake" and unplug clogged drains. Just so you know though (if he happens to come to your house to unplug something) his "snake" is an actual snake - a boa constrictor to be exact. His boa constrictor is quite friendly and won't hurt you. He happens to LOVE going down dirty drains and dealing with all the goop plugged up in there - just squeezes the life right out of it... Milford and his "snake" - call me  if you need them.

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