Friday, November 25, 2011


LENNIE: Born - November 23rd. Lennie happens to rhyme with Kenny. I have a brother named Kenny who happens to have the middle names of Ernest Leonard. His nickname is "Kenny Ernie Lennie". I like the name Lennie. Lennie rhymes with so many funny things - like my brother Kenny. Nuff said.
COVEYA: Born - November 24th. I have been drinking red wine for about an hour now and have no idea where the name "Coveya" came from. HOWEVER, it's a cool name and if I ever own another cat, I will call it Strauss. Bet you all thought I was going to say Coveya. Ha, ha!
GILLIS: Born - November 25th. There is a mountain called "Gillis Mountain" - not sure where, I just heard a song by the Rankins called "Gillis Mountain" and assumed there was an actual mountain called that. Those Rankins could just be pulling our leg and only called it Gillis Mountain because it sounded cool in the song. I'm gonna write to them and get to the bottom of this. Gillis Mountain, my a**....
Author's note: I've come to the conclusion that it's not a good idea to Blog when you've been drinking the wine. I would recommend this nice wine I found - Wally's Hut - a Cabernet Shiraz. Quite nice.....and now back to the wine drinking...

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  1. Okay, so IF we ever get another cat, may I name it "Coveya"? Or how about a tropical hermit crab? Better yet, a fish. Yeah, a CatFish! A CatFish named "Coveya"!

    So, apparently drinking Petron Tequila and coffee is also not a good thing when commenting on someone's blog.