Sunday, November 27, 2011


HUDSON: Born - November 26th. Hudson was found under a rock. The rock wasn't very large but, it was big enough that it hid him until I tripped over it and saw a tail sticking out. I dug away at it and there he was, smiling up at me and blinking at the sun. It took us a few washes to get all the dirt off and eventually he was so clean that he sparkled in the moonlight. Just goes to show you never know what's hiding under a rock...
BAXTER: Born - November 27th. Baxter has a headache. It seems to never go away. Not a big deal except when you want him to help you out with something. He'll keel over in pain, whine and moan then run for the nearest jar of Tylenol or Advil. After he downs a dozen he lays down and is out for a few days. We tend not to ask him to help out anymore - although, when he's out for a few days there's alot less moaning and whining going on....
FI-FI: Born - November 28th. Fi-Fi cleaned out my pantry the other day and found a multi layered cake pan that she has now claimed as her house. She has decorated it with bits of fabric, ribbon and dried banana peels. It actually looks kinda cool and it smells like banana - which isn't such a bad smell once you're used to it. She fashioned a doorbell out of an old cowbell and anytime you want to visit you have to smack it with a drumstick seven times. Effective? Yes. Annoying after the 4th smack? YES!!

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