Friday, November 18, 2011


TOBIAS & JETHRO: Born - November 15th & 16th respectively. These two sock monkeys are not brothers or twins, they are cousins. However, their parents are two sisters who married two brothers and this is why they are almost identical. They've grown up together, shared the same toys, worn the same clothes, watched the same programs and have had the same upbringing. They're probably more like twins than twins are. The only thing they don't share is their taste in vehicles. Tobias is a die hard Chevy fan and Jethro loves the Japanese imports - especially the Mitsubishi. While both products are AWESOME, they do get into the occasional disagreement over which vehicle they are currently driving will outlast the other. At this time, Tobias drives his Pearl Green '69 Chev pickup and Jethro drives his Quartz Brown 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander. Both are amazing vehicles and neither Tobias or Jethro will win the argument as to which is better. Any opinions anyone?
Author's note: I own a Pearl Green '69 Chev Pickup AND a brand new Quartz Brown Mitsubishi Outlander. I love them both and could never choose between them. Believe it or not, I named my Truck "Tobias" many years ago and when I drove home with the new Outlander last week, I named him "Jethro".

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