Sunday, November 13, 2011


KERSHAW: Born - November 10th. Kershaw likes to dive into ice cold water and then run like heck to the hot tub and warm himself up. In most countries this is know as the "Polar Jump" and there are actually clubs you can join to do this. Here in the north we call it an every day occurrence in the summer as the Great Slave Lake never warms up. Kershaw likes to call it "The Dumb Monkey Plunge". Okay...he doesn't call it that, all the other Sock Monkeys do. BUT, if it makes him happy, who are we to judge?
LARSON: Born - November 11th. Larson is born on Remembrance/Veterans Day. Though he wasn't listed in any official army, Larson has great respect for our soldiers who have fought for our freedom and for the right to live in a free country. I know it seems insignificant in the grand scheme of life, but if my Grandfather had not fought in WWII, perhaps I wouldn't be here today with the freedom to write this blog and create my Sock Monkeys. Thank you to all who gave their lives for this one small privilege.

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