Sunday, November 6, 2011


TOOKIE: Born - November 4th. Tookie is a model for the only Sock Monkey Wrinkle Free Face product out there on the market today. This highly sought after product is called "Less Krinkley". You can only use it at night and it has to be applied with a spatula and scrubbed off with an SOS pad. Basically the product itself does nothing for you BUT, the SOS pad really scrapes those "krinkles" out. You can order it from and it only costs $73.00 per 2oz. bottle. Enjoy!
CLIFFORD: Born - November 5th. Clifford is a little red sock monkey NOT to be confused with Clifford the big red dog. Clifford the little red sock monkey hates dogs.
SPRITE: Born - November 6th. Sprite is sleep deprived. Some of her symptoms from sleep deprivation include: dark circles under her eyes, less energy, not able to concentrate, increased cravings, sagging skin etc. It's all very unflattering and Sprite really needs to get some serious shut eye. She's tried everything from alcohol abuse to herbal drugs - nothing has worked yet. Tonight she has promised to try my suggestion and run in to a wall. I think it will put her out for awhile....
ORION: Born - November 7th. Orion has this really cool snakeskin jacket he likes to wear when he goes out partying. No one has figured out how he acquired it but some of us have heard rumors of snake pit fights. Seriously. I hear Orion jumped in a snake pit and took on three boa constrictors, one python and a pair of Black Mambas at once and won. I believe the actual story isn't quite as exciting though. A petting zoo and 4 Garter Snakes just doesn't cut it at the bar....
Authors note: There is no such cream called Less Krinkly - don't bother checking out the website, it will take you absolutely no where. Oh yeah, don't try the SOS pads either, they hurt.

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