Thursday, November 3, 2011


BALFOUR: Born - November 1st. Balfour is starting to go bald on the tip of his tail. He's not particularly happy about this but, it's a genetic thing and he can't avoid it. Like his father and grandfathers before him, they were all hairless on their tails by the age 35. Not one to sit around and sulk, Balfour has researched hair loss and has decided rather than try all the gimmicks out there, he'll just go with what he's dealt. A bald tail.
GALIANNA: Born - November 2nd. Galianna is about to embark on a journey away from her home. She has decided to take her family on a cruise in Florida, leaving her best friend behind.... All is well though as her best buddy gets to take care of her dog while they're gone AND, she absolutely LOVES it!! Here's to Galianna and her travels. May they be safe and filled with fantastic moments.
EMMETT: Born - November 3rd. Emmett is a key member in a Jug band - he plays the washboard and harmonica. He actually managed to find an old washboard from an attic somewhere in Saskatchewan, reconditioned it and plays it quite well. He once auditioned for Canadian Idol but sadly did not make it through the first auditions. Seriously though, no one is really looking for a washboard player other than his Jug Band. Keep rockin' out Emmett!

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  1. A message for Balfour.
    I hear that Galianna has a few tailed pets that would be willing (with or without sedative) to do hair transplants. One in particular, has loads and loads of extra hair. Since Galianna obviously trusts her best friend with her pets, I am positive that gives her rights to perform the transplants.