Thursday, September 27, 2012


MATILDA, LYRIC AND GLORIA: Born - September 2012. And here is usually where I have to pause for a few minutes and figure out how to write their bio. It's not that I don't have a bio in my head, it's simply getting it from my mind to the computer. Not an easy task.
ANYWAY, on to the above trio's wonderful bio. These three sock monkeys, since the day they were created, have been tieing all my shoelaces together and turning my sweater arms inside out. They don't think I know BUT, I have video footage of them going through my sweater drawer when I'm not home AND caught them on film in the porch snickering away as they tied all my shoelaces in knots.
Folks, I can take a practical joke. It was actually funny the first time, even the second. It is now becoming quite annoying and a rather large pain in the  butt as it takes awhile to untie all my shoes as I'm trying to get out the door. Sooooooo, last night I took my revenge. Matilda, Lyric and Gloria aren't awake yet but I tied their tails together in knots, left them in a box under the kitchen sink AND taped the lid shut. Perhaps a bit extreme you may think BUT, if I don't go extreme, I'll end up with knotted shoelaces for as long as these three are in my home. Besides, I threw a banana in the box and some tequila, they should be passed out by the time I get home to let them out and all will be forgotten...

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