Friday, September 21, 2012



The above pictures are of my grandson and a very tall sock bunny named "Jinx". And here in lies my dilemma.
If I write a bio that possibly includes my grandson and somehow it ends up being slightly twisted, this could cause disastrous and catastrophic events - in my life anyway.
Come on over to my mind for a moment and I'll explain. Amadeus grows up and lets assume he can read by age 3 (he's a genius okay). He hacks into my computer, logs on to my blog and BAM! There it is. His pictures with a very large sock bunny. He starts to read the bio. He starts to cry rather than laugh. He calls his mum on his cell and insists she get him the "hell outta here" as his Georgie has lost it. His mother tries to explain that I'm harmless and lost it a LONG time ago. Amadeus doesn't believe her. At this point, I happen to walk in the kitchen with a knife in my hand and a chicken carcass in the other (hey, I was cleaning the guts out in the tub). Amadeus runs. Amadeus is not looking where he runs. Amadeus smokes his head into the door...again. Now he's out cold, has a goose egg on his forehead and Lord knows what kind of brain damage he's caused himself this time. As I'm standing there with my dead chicken and knife in my hands, my sons both emerge from downstairs to see what the noise is all about. They look at me, then Amadeus passed out on the floor and assume I've actually followed through with my threats of beating them to death with a dead chicken. They run. 

YA SEE!! THIS COULD HAPPEN!!  Somewhere down the line it ends with me living in a box under our local bridge with my free run chickens and eating bubblegum I've peeled off the road. Not too mention, never seeing my grandson again. And that my devoted readers, would be the end of the world for me...
Author's note: These kind of ramblings happen all the time. They are MADE UP people! I don't walk around with knives and dead chickens and I would NEVER threaten my boys with "death by chicken".  Chickens leave marks....

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  1. I went visual!
    OMG! Serious LOL!
    Sooo...... you went into the bathroom to 'Choke the Chicken'?