Wednesday, September 12, 2012


As I was sitting comfortably on my couch, surrounded by pieces of sock monkey's and quietly assembling one, my wonderful husband casually said "Still working on your sock bunnys?"
Back up two years ago to when I started my project of a Sock Monkey A Day and let's travel through these two years and all the sock monkeys I have made - my husband helping to stuff every now and then, my husband helping to ship them, my husband giving me praise when I fulfilled my 2011 commitment, my husband picking out socks for monkeys, my husband putting up with sock monkey parts everywhere in the house, etcetera, get the picture. We are now at present day and out of his wonderful mouth comes the above Sock "Bunny" comment.
My initial reaction was of course to stab him in the leg with my needle and beat him with sock monkey parts until he cried. However, being the non-crazy person I am, I simply stared at him in dis-belief and repeated "sock BUNNY???" This is the moment when he realized his mistake and tried back pedaling - at which point I did stab him...
ANYWAY, after we cleaned up the blood and put a band aid on his "owie", I started to laugh. Not your typical crazy person laugh but more like a "light bulb went off in my head" laugh. I thought to myself "Myself, why don't you make a sockbunny?" And here we are, at last, to the point of this whole story. I created the above Sock Bunny and named him "Hopper". I believe he is now the hall pass for my son's English class at school. He's a little creepy looking but due to the above story, my mind was a little "off" at the time of his creation. Will there be more you ask? Depends on what comes out of my husbands mouth next time he slips up....
Author's note: Just to clarify a few things, I did NOT stab my husband with any object - that would be insane since he's a 5th level black belt in Wado Kai - he'd kick my ass.  I did however cut holes in his brake lines on the truck....


  1. Bunnies?!?!?!?! Yes, I shall bring some for you when I come to visit.
    Which will be... someday soonish?
    I will return your call- I promise!
    It's been such a crazy few weeks what with school starting and all that crap.
    I do love you, and miss you dearly <3

  2. Hmmm...... I wonder how the 5th level black belt in Wado Kai would do against your flock of sock Monkeys, Monsters and now Bunnies? I am very certain that they would rally under you given the command! Oh Crap! I just went visual!

    btw.... the Hopper is Awesome!