Monday, September 10, 2012


BAM-BAM: Born - September 2012. Bam-Bam has a drum set. He's only slightly "anal" about other people playing it BUT, has been known to share when there's a major jam session going on. This little sock monkey can pretty much play any song you throw his way. From the blues to metal, from folk to alternative rock - he's always tapping out a tune and never misses a beat! You seriously rock Bam-Bam!!
FRITZ: Born - September 2012. Fritz one day dreams of being as fantastic a drummer as Bam-Bam but for now, sticks to the triangle. Though he feels this is a lesser instrument, we try to tell him otherwise. The triangle may only be played once during an entire song (or set) BUT, it is played at a pivotal part and only Fritz can hit it with the right precision and emotion that justifies the triangle. Don't give up Fritz - your triangle playing abilities are awesome!
SHASTA: Born - September 2012. Shasta is not very musically inclined. We gave her a tambourine to try and quickly realized this was NOT the instrument to give to someone with no rhythm. Still, she tried. Most of the time now Shasta will simply watch and throw in a clap - or what we think is a clap - mostly off beat but again, she tries. Just goes to show it takes all kinds to make the Sock Monkey world go round. We love you Shasta!
Author's note: Hmmmmm....were the above actually semi-normal bios of sorts? Wow. I must be losing my edge. Though I must admit, it felt good to write nice bios. Don't get used to it.

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