Wednesday, May 30, 2012


GENEVIEVE: Born - May 2012. Genevieve lives in a shoe box that used to house my CAT boots. Why she insists on hanging out in these cramped quarters, I'll never understand. All the sock monkeys have the run of my place and can pretty much "hang" wherever they want. Not Genevieve. She curls her long body up at night, lays down in the shoe box and insists on the lid being closed.  I guess it's not that different than me hanging out in the giant cardboard box on my back deck - which is supposed to be for my grandson but he doesn't seem to interested in it. Come on! It's a huge box! Who wouldn't want to hang out in there?? Okay, skip my top remark about "never understanding"...boxes are cool.
STARLING & LOLLI: Born - May 2012. These two Sock Monkeys have just started a new diet called "Eat Clean". Now, here's my first concern. Sock Monkeys only eat bananas, alcohol and sour chews. That's already a rather "clean" diet if you ask me. Secondly, I think they've taken the "Eat Clean" expression quite literally. They bleach the bananas and have taken to polishing the sour chews and skipping the banana daiquiris all together. What has the Sock Monkey world come to?? What if they all decide to give this a try? Soon they'll be nothing but a pile of sober Sock Monkeys running around here and all hell will break loose. Not a "sobering" thought.... Time to put my foot down and spike their water...
Author's Note: Seriously folks, these bio's are just for fun. I don't encourage my Sock Monkeys to drink nor would I ever consider spiking their water. It's all in good fun, please remember that when you come to charge me with Sock Monkey harassment and find me passed out in my cardboard box.....

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