Saturday, May 19, 2012


ARTICUS & KELSO: Born - May, 2012.  Had to get these two critters out of my head and into sock monkey form. I enjoy creating the Sock Monsters. However, they usually happen when my life becomes so swamped with different stresses and my mind feels like it's going to explode and the next thing I know, things like sock monsters/goblins/trolls come into existence.
These two sock monsters are both fantastic at sniffing out dust bunnies. I sweep. I dust. I clean. YET, I can never get all the stinkin' dust bunnies that seem to congregate under my couch or next to the washing machine. Being the sneaky dust bunnies they are, I just set Articus and Kelso loose and they will hunt those suckers down for me and round them up next to the garbage can. I go in for the kill - OOPS! I mean for the gentle sweeping up, and into the garbage they go. I close the lid quickly so as not to hear the crying and screaming as they fall to the bottom of the can, forever trapped in a plastic bag that will be tied and handed off to the garbage man by Tuesday. Feeling somewhat guilty BUT relieved, I put the broom and dust pan away and take Articus and Kelso out for ice cream. Another successful dust bunny hunt over, we rest and plan our next adventure..... 

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  1. Oh My Goodness!!!
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